We offer quality portable cabins for Northland

We provide the most affordable and largest cabins in Northland.

We will custom make a cabin to meet your particular requirements.

If you want an affordable cabin - come and see us at Ezycabinz.


The most affordable rentals for the size of cabin you will find.


We will work with you to build a cabin that will be safe, warm, enduring through the years and that you can call home.


For those who wish to purchase outright.

Great range of Portable Cabins and Sheds

Our great range of cabins are perfect for those just needing some extra space or wanting something larger to live in. So if you need something big, like a large living area that can be divided into seperate rooms, or if you are looking for something smaller, such as a sleepout or office space etc, we have the cabins to suit your needs.

Sizes Available (meters):


4.2x2.4 or 4.2x2.7

4.8x2.4 or 4.8x2.7

5.4x2.4 or 5.4x2.7 or 5.4x4.8

6x2.4 or 6x2.7 or 6x4.8 or 6x2.4 or 6x2.4

Find all your quality cabin requirements in Northland - at Ezycabinz.

Rent to buy or Purchase

Our expert staff can help you customise your cabin to fit your needs.

We will listen to your design ideas and specialise in constructing a cabin that will best meet your requirements. Whatever you need, our team will expertly and efficiently do the work for you.

Cabins are sold to Rent to Buy customers for what it costs us to make.

There is a rental portion on top of the actual cabin repayments.


We will need to discuss the size and design of the cabin with you - there are to many options to list.


Customers have the option to choose between 1,2,3,4 or 5 year plans



A great cabin is only a call away.

Cabin Extras






Partitions/walls (in larger units)

Advice on project managing licensed qualified, trusted electricians or plumbers to install toilets/showers/bathrooms etc.

For those designs that require a reasonable price - Come and see us in Whangarei for great cabin options

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